by The Heavies

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released January 8, 2016



all rights reserved


The Heavies Boston, Massachusetts

tener o ser tenido

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Track Name: Those Love Songs
You could sing them songs about drinkin’
Sing me a song about speed
Hell, sing me a song about PCP
But those love songs don’t mean shit to me
I know songs about shootin’ guns and fuckin’
And damn near everything between
When I hear ‘em I still get excited
But those love songs don’t mean shit to me

You could learn how I get when I’m hungry
It don’t always mean I could eat
You could scramble my eggs, put your head between my legs
But those love songs don’t mean shit to me
Well old David sure had his opinions
Johnny and Hank they’d agree
I mean all respect to the holy rednecks
But those love songs don’t mean shit to me
Track Name: You Ain't Here
I came in a little late last night and the dog was home alone
She took the car and credit card and then she took my best guitar
And left our mobile home

(chorus) Chili pepper light bulbs, reflecting off my beer
You’re stuck on my mind, I’m stuck right in this chair
Went a little crazy, hell I almost shed a tear
But I’m just happy that you ain’t here

If I’m fixin’ just to fix my life I guess this ain’t too bad a start
Cause if she stuck around to see me be somethin’ I’ll never be it’d damn near
Break my heart
Track Name: The Jailbreak Blues
The copper caught me 67 in a 65. I was east bound on Route 30, around mile 89. He had a big old hat and a bigger ego, as that son-of-a-bitch paced the line. That lone star on his badge, it wasn’t on my side. Of course neither were my Red Sox t-shirt or my blood shot eyes.
The next thing that I knew he had me in his car. When I asked him why he told me, “Here in Texas I’m the law. Driving down my highway, son that takes some kind of balls.” and, “If you go exercising rights I’m gonna have to make some calls. Now tell me again what it is that you said you were doing? Up there in Wichita Falls?”
“Well hey Sir, or Officer, I’m sure you mean no harm. I know that by the gun, the cuffs, the patches on your arm. Hey your wife is one lucky lady you’ve got some kinda charm, but if we could speed this up and get me right back in my car I’d be forever grateful. Home is so damn far.”
“Hey son, I’ve heard enough you’re bluffing dope fueled lies. If there’s really nothing in there let me peak inside. Cause I give two shits where you’re going, or how far the drive. I’m gonna find your stash then you and me we’re gonna take a ride. Then my boys back at the station? They’re gonna strip you. Of more than just your pride…”
They cut my nose ring out and threw me in that cell. I carved ‘jailbreak’ on the wall and then I wished them well. $18,000 bail say that’s one hell of a charge. Thank the lord Officer (J.) Simpson went and played his part.
I made haste to New England all to sit and wait. Found myself in Greenville, TX two years later to the date. The judge he nearly let me off, but she stood in his way. That wretched prosecutor raised her hand to say, “We’re gonna keep this yankee boy down here in Texas. Oh boy! He’s gonna pay.”
I go back every so often, lounging out poolside. Get some drive-thru margaritas, drink em down, and take a ride. I hate to love you, Texas. I got what I earned. But if you sat me down and asked me just what had I learned. I think I’d probably tell you blah blah blah get high and stop taking police officers seriously.
Track Name: Like A Dog
The sun is setting on this two horse town
They both stay up until the moon comes out
I spend my nights-a-guarding this here home
It ain’t too often that she lets me roam
Like a dog that knows he's dying
I left off
It hurt me bad to know I spooked her good
She dragged my ass across the neighborhood
Like a dog that knows he’s dying
I just smiled

(chorus) A dream of yesterday
Come to take me where I need to be
She couldn’t hurt me if she made me bleed
The feeling fades away
And she don’t like it but she’ll be alright
Cause if my darling never loved me
At least she tried

Her shovel struck the dirt beneath that tree
Same one I carved that heart to her from me
It wasn’t far from where we built our home
A final resting place for these old bones
Like a dog that knows he’s dying
I laid down
I craned my neck to her the best I could
She kissed my head and told me I been good
Like a dog that knows he’s dying
I just smiled