by The Heavies

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released January 8, 2016

“Gorgeous” + “Victor”
Written by Chris Reddy & KC Goodwin
Recorded at Hanging Horse Studio in Norwood, Massachusetts
Produced by Chaimes Parker
Mastered by Bradford Krieger

Guitars: KC Goodwin, Chris Reddy, Chaimes Parker, Bobby Cresta, Ryan Bambery
Steel: KC Goodwin, Ryan Bambery
Vocals: Chris Reddy, Brian McKenna, Bobby Cresta, Lee Preston, KC Goodwin
Percussion: KC Goodwin, Lee Preston, Chaimes Parker
Keys: Mike Hlady, Bradford Krieger
Harmonica: Lee Preston



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The Heavies Boston, Massachusetts

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Track Name: Take Me Back
Take me back to Texas where they love to drink and drive
A barehand barbecue, a barefoot double bottle of wine
All the cups were filled with dirt and they discouraged wearin’ shirts
Take me back to Texas Lord I swear it changed my life
Take me back to Texas where the snow it ain’t so cold
It was just a couple inches and they closed the goddamn roads
Put my yankee heart at ease, let all the locals freeze
Take me back to Texas, Lord I beg you please

Texas you’ll never leave my mind
Even when you had me doin’ time
You locked me up and threw away the key
But you’re still the one who set me free

Take me back to Texas where the women all wear rings
She could do you somethin’ nasty but it don’t mean anything
Whether promises were made or broken she would never say
So take me back to Texas for another southern fling
Take me back to Texas where the cops are so damn tough
See they’ll take your pills and grass but they might miss all kinds of stuff
Bail me out and take me home where I can do my drugs alone
Take me back to Texas cause enough just ain’t enough
Texas you’ll never leave my mind
Take me back, please say that you’ll be mine
When all of old New England went and turned it’s back on me
You were the one who set me free
Track Name: The Ballad Of The Blind Brakeman
From far away you’d swear I’m changin’
From in my heart you’d know I can’t
So I’ll leave you a safe distance
Oh how I tried to be a man

Most nights are tossin’ turnin’ restless
Ever since my darling went away
How am I to send those blues a-runnin’
When they’re the only thing that wanna stay?

(chorus) So I’ll take the tracks for one last ride
With coal for fire, my whistle screams
Just so long
As I ask my love, and not no god above
To be forgiven
I’ll be clean

Her wedding ring fell to the ground
As she wept upon my grave
They say that heavy lies the crown
But the kingdom can’t remain
So each time she comes across the railroad
She leaves a penny with a tear
She’ll cross her heart and then she’ll get to praying
And she says “Lord let me know that he’s still here”
Track Name: Victory Song
A scarecrow sings prayers for the rain in a field with no crops
Now his sister, she’s drowning, but he alone can’t make it stop
Shit luck spelling out, your best friend’s dad’s best friends with a cop
Some may call it fate on the day you’re finally caught
Now there’s blood in your cup from your lip, from a lie that you told
There’s no sense in talking it out, you’re both growing old
Go to work in a freezer and cry because you caught the cold
As you drool over polaroids of ex-lovers chewing on gold

In a different time on your word we’d be heroes and saints
Well let’s cut all our hair off, move to Brooklyn, and learn how to paint
If I should be sorry for hatin’ hells kitchen I ain’t
And not knowing the difference, ain’t something I’m looking to change
Walk past the breakfast, the dead, and the theater
The women and me
The circus just rolled into town, the admission is free
Performers will bow, throw your flowers right on top of their feet
Then wait behind that tent for hours for a clown that you’ll never meet

I never took pride in my tears, I ain’t accident prone
In a skyscraper kept by a moat where my brothers get stoned
The pretty girl sits there with a smirk staring at her telephone
And the ugliest boy, he’s alone in front of a mirror singin’ into a fine tooth comb
The farmer’s got such weathered hands but he works with his arms
He will harvest all that you could need but won’t sell what you want
The blind child leads the parade as we try to belong
And we bang on our drums and sing out in a victory song
Track Name: Old Chunk Of Coal
I’m just and old chunk of coal
But I’m gonna be a diamond someday
I’m gonna grow and glow ’til I’m so blue, pure, perfect
Gonna put a smile on everybody’s face
I’m gonna kneel and pray everyday
Lest I should become vain along the way
I’m just an old chunk of coal, but I’m gonna be a diamond someday

I’m gonna learn the right words to talk
Gonna search and find a better way to walk
I’m gonna spit and polish my old rough edged self ’til I get rid of every single flaw
I’m gonna be the worlds best friend
I’m gonna go around shakin’ everybody’s hand
I’m gonna be the cotton’ pickin’ rage of the age
I’m gonna be a diamond someday